Q & A with Chayln Fisher-Watson


March is National Social Work Month and we wanted to take the opportunity to get to know our Social Services Manager, Chayln Fisher-Watson.  Chayln started with Fisherman’s Mark in 2021. She provides a wide range of services to our neighbors who need assistance. She helps to connect them with County, State and Federal aid programs, assists them with complicated forms and paperwork, and advocates for their rights when they’re treated unfairly. Each program participant is treated with warmth, compassion and respect. 

Chayln's Activities:

We asked Chayln a few questions about her experiences as a social worker:

What drew you to this line of work?

I have always enjoyed helping people. I initially began as Elementary Education major. I discovered after my first intern as a teacher in an Elementary School that was not the field for me. Social work has always been something I was passionate about, I started taking courses that would give me the background to work in a parallel field. I received my BA in Child and Family Development and started my career as a Technical Assistant traveling to daycare/childcare facilities throughout the county.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I really enjoy watching a program participant make progress in something they have been trying to accomplish.

If your department had unlimited resources, how would you appropriate them?

That is a broad question that can change given the circumstances at the time. Currently if we had the resources, I would choose to provide appropriate housing for the people within our community struggling with inadequate or substandard living conditions, and those with no place at all.

Describe a recent success story:

We recently had a longtime program participant who had been looking for handicap accessible housing in a safe environment. After over a year of searching a place was secured for her in PA. FM was able to help with the security deposit and 1 months’ rent to guarantee the house would be available for her.

If someone was hesitant about using your services, what would you tell them? 

If someone was uncomfortable or hesitant, I would present them with the services we offer and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible by explaining they have a right to the services they are applying for.

How should a client prepare for an appointment with you?

Depending on the purpose of the visit I would encourage them to have and bring all current id’s, ss cards for all household members, bank statements, utility bills, etc.