Fisherman’s Mark is a celebration of neighbors coming together to support neighbors.

WE are what community looks like.

Our Mission

The Mission of Fisherman’s Mark is to strengthen our community. With responsive programs and services that promote stability, health, and education, Fisherman’s Mark is an advocate for positive change in the lives of our neighbors and their families.

Fisherman’s Mark has been a part of the community for over 40 years, providing not only services that meet basic needs, such as food and affordable childcare, but going beyond crisis to partner with individuals and families to break the cycle of crisis and promote self-sufficiency and wellness.

Our comprehensive programs respond to the needs of vulnerable populations in our area: seniors, individuals living with disabilities, the local immigrant population, low-income families, the unemployed and underemployed. We assist with any crisis that presents: homelessness, domestic violence, job-loss, insurance issues, financial crisis or medical, substance abuse or mental health issues. We truly are “Help When Help is Needed” and we are there for the entire community.

Our Team

Jennifer Williford

Executive Director

Lisa Erxleben

Lambertville Academy Director

Christopher Plummer

Intake / Food Pantry Coordinator

Pablo Londono

Bilingual Admin Coordinator

David Weiner-Gohil

Intake Coordinator

Abigail Meletti, Social Services Manager

Abigail Meletti

Social Services Manager

Ricardo Zapata

Community Engagement Manager


Jacqueline Griffith, Board President
Karen Aversano | Nigel Brown | Jose Falconi | Sarah Henriques | Sue Johnson | Daniel Meara | Richard Mongelli | Jonathan E. Otto | Suzanne Perrault | Kathy Schroeher | Sarah Trillin | Thomas O. White | Renny Reynolds, Trustee Emeritus | Maurice U. Tome, Trustee Emeritus