The Mission of Fisherman’s Mark is to strengthen our community

With responsive programs and services that promote stability, health, and education, Fisherman’s Mark is an advocate for positive change in the lives of our neighbors and their families.

Fisherman’s Mark, in all its programs and services, honors the “teach a person to fish” parable from which it takes its name. Our commitment is to providing a hand up to people in need, offering help when help is needed to vulnerable people: families and children, people new to our country or community, seniors, veterans, and others. In helping to better these lives, our community as a whole prospers.

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Whether you're interested in helping with our Food Support, the Lambertville Academy, Social Services, or special programs, Fisherman's Mark wants you to decide which program is most meaningful to you. If you're not sure, select the "Help Where Needed" category and we'll ensure your generous donation goes where it's most critically needed. No amount is too large or too small to make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

2024 Spring Appeal - It's All About the Kids!

Fisherman's Mark helps over 500 vulnerable local children through a variety of programs designed to assist families in need. Whether ensuring sufficiently healthy meals, providing necessary school supplies, or assisting families with preschool or summer camp tuition, your donation makes a difference in their lives.

Food Support

Fisherman's Mark operates a store-like food pantry that is open five days a week and a mobile food pantry where clients can obtain free, healthy food items. The individuals served by the Food Pantry come away not only with food to prepare meals but an understanding that affordable food choices can be healthy ones.

Social Services

Children, veterans, the elderly, disabled, unemployed and underemployed, and housing-unstable individuals or families are all able to seek help from Fisherman’s Mark’s case management program. Residents of Lambertville and all of Hunterdon County and a ten-mile radius of Lambertville including the other side of the river can turn to Fisherman’s Mark for assistance and guidance that fosters stability.

Help Where Help Is Needed

Our promise to you, our generous donors, is that we will put your help where it's needed the most. Fisherman’s Mark receives top ratings for our efficiency and we pride ourselves in being excellent stewards of your generous donations.

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Making the most of every dollar

With administrative costs minimized to under 10%, you can be sure that a donation to Fisherman’s Mark goes directly to the vital services we provide.

In 2022 alone, we distributed over 285,000 lbs. of food and supplies, recorded 5,400 pantry visits and distributed 1,000 lunches to local youth.  Provided assistance for over 250 individuals in crisis, and provided nationally accredited quality early childhood education to over 60 children, with almost 15% participating in tuition assistance.

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"If there’s a time in my life when I can give back, this is where I’d come."
Kelly S.
Program Participant