Community Outreach Programs

Fisherman’s Mark brings people and resources together to build a stronger, healthier, more joyful community. We regularly and actively reach out to ensure anyone who qualifies can participate in the various programs that we facilitate. Some programs are our own in-house initiatives, others are outside programs for which our clients are the beneficiaries. No matter where they originate, we pride ourselves in being the central spoke of the wheel by bringing resources to those that need them. 

Los Puentes - (The Bridge)

We connect the Latino community in need of our services and encourage participation in initiatives such as surveys, referendums, census and healthcare campaigns. We provide a safe, immigrant-friendly environment and have native Spanish speakers on staff to help with translation as necessary. In collaboration with the city of Lambertville, 140 clients were vaccinated against Coronavirus through this program.

Feeding Local Youth (FLY)

FLY Summer Program

The FLY (Feeding Local Youth) Summer Program is designed to ensure that children have nutritious and appealing lunches and snacks from Monday through Friday throughout the summer.  The loaded packs are available for client pickup on Mondays at both the food pantry and at a city-run camp at the Lambertville Public School.

FLY Weekend Program

The Weekend Backpack Program addresses the issue of food scarcity when school is not in session. On Friday afternoons, the participating kids pick up backpacks stocked with food before leaving school. The kids are always excited to see what’s inside the bag and they like the products that are offered to them.

Adopt-A-Child And Adopt-A-Senior For The Holidays Program

This joyous program is made possible by a collaboration with the local chapter of the Adopt-A-Child for the Holidays organization and by seed funding from the New Hope Solebury Key Club. Fisherman’s Mark shares its clients’ holiday wish lists with Adopt-A-Child for the Holidays. Adopt-A-Child for the Holidays recruits donors who fulfill each wish list – many from children who might otherwise not receive gifts. In 2021, 250 children and 50 seniors were provided holiday gifts through this program. 

Back-To-School-Backpack Program

The cost of notebooks, pens, markers, paper, calculators, and all the other tools that are needed by students can be a burden on family finances at the start of the school year. The Back-to-School Backpack Program provides everything that is needed, by grade level, from kindergarten through the freshman year of college. Monetary donations along with school supply drives provide the items for the children to start off the year prepared for success in school. In 2021, 170 backpacks and school supplies were distributed to local youth.

Holiday Meal Program

Everyone deserves to enjoy a holiday mean with their family. Several times per year, Fisherman’s Mark offers special holiday meal kits to our clients. Turkeys, ham, fresh produce and all the fixings for holiday meals are bagged by our volunteers and available for our clients to pickup during designated times. This enables each family to enjoy a special meal without breaking the bank. 

Hunterdon County Community ID Program

The Community ID is a photo identification card available to individuals who live in Hunterdon County or within 10 miles of the Fisherman’s Mark office. The Community ID has many benefits including: improved communication with law enforcement and medical personnel in a time of an emergency.  The more you use the ID, the stronger the program grows! Click here for further information.

Hurricane Ida Relief Fund

On September 1st, 2021, Hurricane Ida devastated the City of Lambertville and other nearby river towns. Many homes were flooded and subsequently condemned. Fisherman’s Mark acted quickly to ensure that the vulnerable population that lost their homes found housing, those that lost critical items had those items replaced, and those that suffered financial loss were made whole. To date, a total of $225,000 has been awarded through this program. 

“God didn't create poverty. Poverty is made by us when we don't share what we have. Thanks for helping the Heritage Village community.
Violet D.
Holiday Program Participant