Property Purchase FAQ

Welcome to the Fisherman’s Mark Property Purchase FAQ page. Here, we seek to address common questions surrounding our consideration to acquire the Closson property from the City of Lambertville and how it aligns with our mission to serve the Lambertville community. We trust that the following questions and answers will offer insight into why this prospective property purchase is crucial for our organization and the individuals we serve.

1. Why is Food Support Important? 

Food support programs play a crucial role in bolstering community health, addressing fundamental human needs, and nurturing a sense of belonging. They serve as lifelines, especially during challenging times, ensuring that individuals and families have access to nutritious meals. Moreover, they provide vital support to vulnerable populations like low-income families, seniors, individuals experiencing homelessness, and children, ensuring they have access to essential food items.

2. What food support programs does Fisherman’s Mark offer?

At Fisherman’s Mark, we offer a range of programs to meet the diverse needs of our community. Our flagship Free MARKet operates at 262 North Main Street in Lambertville, providing a dignified shopping experience for essential food and household items. The FLY (Feeding Local Youth) program ensures that school students receive nutritious lunches year-round, while our Mobile MARKet delivers food to homebound participants. In our commitment to sustainability, our Zero Waste program repurposes excess produce and donations into meals distributed through the Free MARKet and Mobile MARKet, exemplifying our dedication to responsible resource management.

3. What goes on at each of the three Fisherman’s Mark facilities in Lambertville?

Our facilities serve as hubs for our comprehensive services. At 60 Wilson Street, our administrative offices and social services provide a professional environment where we assist program participants with dignity and respect. The Lambertville Academy Early Childhood Learning Center offers affordable childcare, and at 262 N Main Street, our food support programs are based, ensuring ample space for storage and effective program operations. Together, these facilities enable us to fulfill our mission and better serve our community.

4. Why is Fisherman’s Mark seeking to purchase the Closson property?

Following the displacement caused by Hurricane Ida, we relocated our food pantry to this facility, which has proven to be an ideal location for our operations. With ample parking and a strategic location, it ensures accessibility for program participants, including those who walk to the Free MARKet. The property’s layout provides sufficient space for our pantry, storage needs, and future program expansion, ensuring continuity and effectiveness in serving our community.

5. What are the future plans for the property?

Acquiring the property will provide a permanent home for our food support programs, ensuring stability and continuity in our services. With increased space and flexibility, we plan to expand our range of programs, particularly our workforce development initiatives aimed at fostering long-term self-sufficiency and economic stability among individuals and families.

6. What percentage of Fisherman’s Mark program participants are from Lambertville?

Nearly 70% of our program participants reside in Lambertville, underscoring the significant impact of our services within the local community. This highlights our organization’s crucial role in addressing the needs of our neighbors while contributing to the well-being and resilience of Lambertville’s residents.

7. What impact will the property purchase have on the neighbors?
Fisherman’s Mark has been a part of the neighborhood for three years and has cultivated strong relationships with the neighbors. We pledge to continue to be good neighbors just as we are at our other locations as well as our previous locations.  

8. Why does Fisherman’s Mark wish to purchase rather than rent?
Purchasing the property aligns with our long-term financial strategy. It offers greater stability and control over our facilities, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently. In the long run, ownership provides financial security and enables us to better serve the community’s needs.

9. Are there any plans for community engagement or input regarding the property purchase decision?
Yes, Fisherman’s Mark is committed to engaging with the community throughout the decision-making process. In the coming months, we will host community open houses to introduce ourselves, discuss our mission, and gather feedback from residents. We value community input and look forward to hearing from our neighbors as we move forward with this important decision.

If you have additional questions, please contact Fisherman’s Mark Executive Director Jennifer Williford at