Program Participant Testimonials

We reached out to some of our program participants with a simple question: ‘What would you tell someone who might need our services?’ Their responses offer reassurance to anyone considering joining our programs: Fisherman’s Mark is a trusted and supportive community. If you’re facing tough times, know that we’re here to support you. Our diverse range of programs is designed to address various needs, and we encourage you to explore what we offer. To our donors and volunteers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your contributions are instrumental in sustaining our mission. The testimonials we received highlight the tangible impact of your individual efforts and financial support on our community.

Linda P., a 75-year-old single woman and Uber driver, turns to the Free MARKet when her rides are slow and financial stability becomes challenging. Fisherman’s Mark has been a reliable source of support, offering both food assistance and gift cards during difficult times. She appreciates the compassion shown by everyone she encounters at Fisherman’s Mark.


“It’s not just for the really desperate. It’s for anyone who is going through a temporary slump.” 

~ Linda P. 

Salvadore D., a 40-year-old married individual with two small children, finds himself between jobs. He first encountered Fisherman’s Mark staff at the “We Are One” event last summer, where the staff encouraged him to visit the Free MARKet. Since then, he has been a regular visitor, often providing rides to other program participants on Tuesdays. The diapers he receives for his children have been especially valuable in managing their budget.


“Come out and try and don’t be ashamed, embarrassed or afraid. Everybody is helpful and there is no weirdness.” 

~ Salvadore D.

Sarah C. serves as the caregiver and shopper at the Free MARKet for her father, John P., who is disabled and homebound. Over the years, John has relied on Fisherman’s Free MARKet for support. After losing everything due to Hurricane Ida, Fisherman’s Mark extended assistance by providing help with rent, paperwork, and new clothes.

“If you need someone to talk to, they’re there. They’ll go beyond any means to help in any way they can. They’ll help anybody who needs it.” 

~ Sarah C.

Minerva P., aged 34, is a mother of four children. For the past four years, she has relied on the food pantry at Fisherman’s Mark, visiting weekly to meet her family’s needs. During the challenges brought by Hurricane Ida, when they lost heat, Fisherman’s Mark stepped in to assist, providing gift cards for Minerva to purchase jackets for her children.


“Everybody is friendly and kind and will do anything to help.”

~ Minerva P.

Kelly S., aged 52, is a single mother of four children and works as a healthcare worker. Facing the challenges of providing for her family, she turns to the various food support programs at Fisherman’s Mark. Additionally, after experiencing the impact of Hurricane Ida, Kelly obtained gift cards through the organization. She first learned about Fisherman’s Mark during the pandemic when she lost her job, and since then, she has been visiting twice a month for support.

“If there’s a time in my life when I can give back, this is where I’d come.”

~ Kelly S.

Anyi G., aged 59, is a mother of four who works at a local restaurant. Since the onset of the pandemic, she has been a regular visitor to the Free MARKet and farm stand, coming in weekly. Anyi particularly values the fresh vegetables provided by the MARKet.

“I feel so grateful to Fisherman’s Mark. They help us a lot.”

~ Anyi G.

Violeta D., aged 68 and a widow, resides alone in a 55+ community. She actively participates in the mobile food pantry program and benefits from the Adopt-A-Senior for the Holidays initiative.

“God didn’t create poverty. Poverty is made by us when we don’t share what we have. I’m thankful to Fisherman’s Mark for helping the Heritage village community.”

~ Violeta D.