Program Participant Testimonials

We asked some of our program participants this question: “What would you tell someone who might need our services?” The answers that came back should provide comfort to anyone thinking of participating in the program that Fisherman’s Mark is a safe space. If you’re experiencing hard times, we’re here for you. We have many valuable programs that can help and we invite you to stop by and check them out. To our donors and volunteers, we say, ‘Thanks!’ We couldn’t do it without you. The answers to our question illustrate how your individual efforts and financial support make a significant difference in your community.   

Linda P. is 75, single and an Uber driver. She utilizes the Free MARKet when rides are slow and she can’t break even financially. Fisherman’s Mark has been able to provide her with both food and gift cards to get her through the difficult times. She feels compassion from everybody she encounters at Fisherman’s Mark.


“It’s not just for the really desperate. It’s for anyone who is going through a temporary slump.” 

~ Linda P. 

Salvadore D. is between jobs. He is 40 and married with 2 small children. He met Fisherman’s Mark staff at the “We Are One” event this past summer. They encouraged him to come in and utilize the free MARKet which he does weekly on Tuesdays, often giving rides to other program participants. The diapers he receives for his children are particularly helpful to their budget.


“Come out and try and don’t be ashamed, embarrassed or afraid. Everybody is helpful and there is no weirdness.” 

~ Salvadore D.

Sarah C. is the caregiver and free MARKet shopper for her father, John P. He is disabled and homebound and has utilized the Fisherman’s Free MARKet over the years. When he lost everything after Hurricane Ida. Fisherman’s Mark helped with rent, paperwork and new clothes.

“If you need someone to talk to, they’re there. They’ll go beyond any means to help in any way they can. They’ll help anybody who needs it.” 

~ Sarah C.

Minerva P is 34 years old and has four children. She has been coming to the food pantry weekly for about four years. In addition, she needed assistance during Hurricane Ida when they lost heat. Fisherman’s Mark provided gift cards so that she could purchase jackets for her children.

“Everybody is friendly and kind and will do anything to help.”

~ Minerva P.

Kelly S. is 52, single with four children and a healthcare worker. She utilizes the various food support programs and obtained gift cards after Hurricane Ida. She heard about Fisherman’s Mark during the pandemic when she lost her job and has been coming twice a month since then.

“If there’s a time in my life when I can give back, this is where I’d come.”

~ Kelly S.

Anyi G. is 59, has four children and works in a local restaurant. Since the pandemic, she comes to the free MARKet and farm stand weekly. She especially appreciates the vegetables the MARKet provides.

“I feel so grateful to Fisherman’s Mark. They help us a lot.”

~ Anyi G.

Violeta D. is 68 and a widow. She lives alone in a 55+ community. She utilizes the mobile food pantry as well as the Adopt-A-Senior for the Holidays program.

“God didn’t create poverty. Poverty is made by us when we don’t share what we have. I’m thankful to Fisherman’s Mark for helping the Heritage village community.”

~ Violeta D.