Fisherman’s Mark Announces Partnership with Carversville Farm Foundation

Claire Lynch

Fisherman’s Mark Social Services in Lambertville, NJ will now be receiving regular deliveries of fresh, organic produce and pastured eggs from Carversville Farm Foundation (CFF) for the Fisherman’s Mark Free MARKet food pantry.

Carversville Farm Foundation has provided their delicious fresh food to more than 15 community kitchen and free farmer’s market partners in the Greater Philadelphia region for the past 10 years. Now, Fisherman’s Mark has been added to their mix of recipients.

Carversville Farm Foundation’s model of donation involves providing a weekly harvest list of available fresh, restaurant-quality produce, eggs, meat and poultry from which their nonprofit partners can choose. CFF staff meets with partners every winter, in order to inform their field planning with the healthy, culturally sensitive produce their partners want. “They are able to grow produce that we can’t get from some of our other produce partners,” said Jennifer Williford, Executive Director of Fisherman’s Mark. “This model will work well for us. We can provide our program participants with some of the most fantastic produce.”

“We are very excited to be providing our food to Fisherman’s Mark.” said Tony D’Orazio, Co-Executive Director of CFF. “Fisherman’s Mark already has a well-established means for distribution at their Free MARKet food pantry, as well as their Mobile MARKet.” (The Fisherman’s Mark Mobile MARKet delivers groceries and meals to homebound program participants.) “They are a natural fit for our mission of delivering nourishing food at no cost.”

In addition to the Free MARKet, some produce will be utilized for the Fisherman’s Mark Zero Waste Program, a partnership between Fisherman’s Mark and HollyHedge Estate in New Hope. Under the guidance of the HollyHedge Estate’s Chef Jose Calderon, volunteers prepare and package meals for the Free MARKet and the Mobile MARKet. “It’s really exciting to see the Zero Waste Program expand,” said Tim Luccaro, General Manager of HollyHedge Estate.

“Everyone deserves access to healthy food,” said Williford. “And our community provides for those in need, especially during inflationary times when paying rent and gas might be prioritized over eating healthfully.”

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