Brighter days are ahead for all of us


For forty years, Fisherman’s Mark has aided our clients and community through the aftermath of large and small economic and natural disasters – storms, floods, “the Great Recession”, as well as the smaller crises that effect individuals and families. With forty years of caring for our community, we are, “Help When Help is Needed”. The most recent events, though intense, difficult, and far reaching, are not much different than those we have faced in the past.
How has a small non-profit survived the changes and challenges of forty years? Simply, through the generous spirit of our community—a community of businesses, organizations and people that not only believe in us but support the work we do. We had planned to mark 2020 as the year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fisherman’s Mark! Instead, we are turning our focus to celebrate all those who have supported us through the years—especially now, when the need is greater than ever.
We celebrate with gratitude the donations and contributions of volunteers, businesses, community leaders, first responders, students, teachers, families and all the individuals and organizations who aid us so we can help the community as a whole. Our community needs us, they are here for us, and we are here for them.
Though we try to reach out individually, we know we can’t sufficiently thank all of our supporters! This is a community like no other, a community that believes in helping their most vulnerable neighbors.
A community that we are proud to be a part of!
These are difficult times, but brighter days are ahead for us all, and especially for our clients, thanks to a community that has supported us.
We needed you and you were there for us!
With an abundance of gratitude,
Jennifer Williford
Executive Director