Outdoor Classroom

Education meets the great outdoors

Our Outdoor Classroom consists of several different spaces within the two playgrounds on our campus. Our “mural playground,” nestled in the back corner of our campus, incorporates space for group gross motor control while building camaraderie and a sense of achievement. Children gain confidence and build their self-esteem while walking on the tactile balance beam, practice sharing the basketball hoop with a friend and learn teamwork and leadership skills during a group game of soccer.

A short walk to the other side of the building, children enter into another extension of their classroom, just outdoors. Within this space, children have endless opportunities to practice age-appropriate developmental concepts as these learning areas foster creativity, imagination, and real-life problem-solving skills. Children can choose to participate in a small or large group or choose to work independently.

The equipment in this space allows children to help create and then work together in order to complete obstacle courses. Children demonstrate self-expression while playing musical instruments and exploring at the art easels. Outdoor building blocks enable creativity to build shapes seen in nature and buildings we find in our community.

“Lambertville Academy cultivates such a warm and caring community between students, families and their staff. You can see it in the way the children know and interact with each other. This is truly a reflection of the environment that their staff have created!”

~ Dahlia’s Mom