Lambertville Academy

Early Childhood Learning Center

Nurturing and Developing the Whole Child

Lambertville Academy provides curriculum-based learning and caring support for children ages X to X. Because it operates under the auspices of Fisherman’s Mark, many of the students’ families are well known to our organization through other programs, fostering a better understand of the whole child and closer relationships with parents and guardians.

Our Approach:

The foundation of Lambertville Academy is 1) the knowledge of how children learn best at each stage of social, emotional, and intellectual development, and 2) our sensitivity to differences in learning styles and backgrounds. We provide a rich environment that gives children the opportunity to discover, solve problems, and experience the wonder of the world. Our goal: children who are confident and independent learners who understand responsibility and respect.

The Facts:

  • Established in 1984, Lambertville Academy offers full and partial day preschool programs, school-age programs, summer camp, and child-care for working parents outside of school and camp hours.
  • Our teaching staff provides a rich learning environment and individualized assistance. Pre-school staff is both experienced and highly qualified. Pre-kindergarten staffers are educators certified by the State of New Jersey.
  • Every academic unit includes science, mathematics, language arts, creative arts, social studies, health and physical education.
  • Lambertville Academy is air conditioned and equipped with an elevator. It may accommodate children with disabilities on a case by-case basis.

“With two working parents and three young children, I don’t know what the Keeton family would do without the wonderful support and flexibility of Lambertville Academy!”