Fisherman’s Mark Establishes a New Way to Donate


Fisherman’s Mark Social Services in Lambertville, NJ has always accepted financial donations through their website, or food donations that can be dropped off at their Free MARKet food pantry on South Main Street in Lambertville. With the addition of an Amazon Wishlist, donors can now purchase and ship items online that are critically needed for the Fisherman’s Mark food support programs.

“It’s a super convenient way for our supporters to be aware of what we need and make a donation accordingly,” said Jennifer Williford, Executive Director of Fisherman’s Mark. “So many people use Amazon, so if they’re ordering something for themselves, it only takes a few seconds to view the list and order items that will ship directly to the Free MARKet. Every donation makes a difference for our food support program participants.”

The Wish List displays the items that are running low on the MARKet shelves and will be updated regularly to reflect those needs. Items offered at the Free MARKet include meat, poultry, fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, pasta and sauces, rice, household and personal hygiene items, pet food and more. 

Fisherman’s Mark Free MARKet exists to eliminate barriers to obtaining healthy food such as income level or physical and mental health conditions. It offers a no-cost, friendly, store-like environment where individuals can select food and personal items for themselves and their families. The food support programs include a mobile MARKet that delivers to the homebound, weekend and summer lunches for children, and special holiday meals. In addition, in order to minimize waste, Fisherman’s Mark established a Zero Waste Program, in partnership with HollyHedge Estate in New Hope. The program utilizes excess food items to prepare meals for the various programs.

To donate food items, visit the Fisherman’s Mark Amazon Wish List. To learn more, visit