Fisherman’s Mark Fall Appeal


After the flooding of September 1, more than a thousand people in Lambertville alone were in trouble. Nearly half of the buildings were affected. Fifty families were homeless. People needed basic supplies: food, water, sanitary products.

One woman who came to Fisherman’s Mark had to swim out of her house. She had no shoes on her feet. A family of four came because they were displaced. The mother was eight months pregnant. They were worried about their baby. In another case, water burst through the back door of a house newly purchased by a young couple who had just made a first donation to Fisherman’s Mark the week before. They returned for help.

Our work had already been complicated by the virus; the caseload doubled in the past year to 1500 clients needing services and 120 tons of supplies distributed. Since the flood it’s much, much, more. And not just food and supplies. The social strain is enormous. There is a greater need for language services, health services, and counseling. It’s going to take a long time to fix.

Fisherman’s Mark has been getting people back on their feet and self-sufficient for more than 40 years. We do it without direct government financial assistance. We are a small staff supported by volunteers, business partnerships, and our generous donors: people for whom this area is a much-loved place.

Fisherman’s Mark doesn’t give people money, but we need it to function. We target specific needs and operate economically, so a monetary donation is the best way for you to make a difference in people’s lives and in your community. Volunteers are needed as well.

This is the place we proudly tell people we are from. Be the help that’s needed.

Please donate.

If you have recently made a donation, WE THANK YOU!!!