2022 Fall Fundraiser Appeal


Things can change in an instant.  We see examples all the time.  None more powerful than our neighbors scrambling for their lives in last year’s flash floods. In addition to random and unpredictable, misfortune is equal opportunity.

Around here we don’t see many of the social ills evident in other places.  Homelessness, domestic issues, and addiction exist here too—there are more families with no place to sleep and nothing to eat tonight than you might realize—but there is a place to get help when people find themselves out of options and at the end of their rope.  That’s important.  As the area grows the social strain grows.  It affects the wellbeing of everyone in town.  Your town. 

You don’t see it as much here because Fisherman’s Mark connects people to resources that get them back on their feet, quickly, sustainably, and with dignity.  Last year 1,738 people came to our door.  We expect the same this coming year, and that’s without another catastrophe.  Sooner or later one out of five residents will use our services.

We’ve answered that door for 42 years, and we’ve done it without galas and big tents.  We are a small staff supported by volunteers, business partnerships, and a generous community.  There is no direct government financial assistance.  We rely on donations.

Fisherman’s Mark doesn’t give people money, but we need it to function.  We target specific needs and operate economically.  A monetary donation is the best way for you to make a big difference in people’s lives.  There are ways for volunteers to help, too.

This is the place we proudly tell people we are from.  A community that’s there for their neighbors.  We will be there for you if things take a bad turn.

It’s your town.    Be the help that’s needed.

Please donate. www.fishermansmark.org/donations

Fisherman’s Mark is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)3

Jacqui Griffith
President, Board of Trustees

Jennifer Williford
Executive Director

Image: “Neighbors” by Robert Beck